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MINI Heron

                      Large Heron

Flower Board

Standing or Sitting Sculpture

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The Standing or sitting sculpture comes in various sizes. These are all beginner workshops to get you started with Paverpol.  Included in this full day workshop is all basic materials. If you would like to embellish your creation then please bring items with you.  Lace, shells, dried flowers, beads, rocks, wood, leather silk, etc. 

Pricing for each workshop below will depend on the size

you decide on.


Sizes are as follows: Pricing for all is in Workshop Details

  1. Beginner 12"

  2. Beginner 16"

  3. Beginner 24"

  4. Beginner 34"

All pricing includes HST  snacks, coffee,

tea and water. 

In the summer bring a bathing suit and we'll jump in the lake!

The MINI/LARGE Heron or Flamingo Workshops

The Heron workshop has become very popular with my participants.  I've now added the Flamingo that will also be offered this year.  These look amazing in your garden all year round. 


There is no longer a prerequisite required.    Both birds stand at approximately 4' high. On my Gallery Page you will find a picture of both birds in my Garden.  I receive so many complements from people who see them.  Lots of fun to make!

L Heron 2.jpeg

My Little Childrens Series

These little creatures make amazing gifts!  You can design your little child in any form you want.  Maybe a ballerina, a cowboy or a favourite sport figure that has meaning for the person receiving this gift. The possibilities are endless!  I also take commissioned requests from people who may not want to create their own piece - your choice! This is also a beginner workshop.


Specialty Gifts


Commission Requests 

I've created a series of specialty workshops which include but not limited to various requests I've received from my participants. If there is a particular item that you would like to create let me know and we can sit down to discuss your vision.  I've had people ask me to make 4' garden sculptors with their visions in mind. I love creating for others. Some ideas are: Masks, horses, flower arrangements on wood background and vases etc..  Again, the ideas are endless. Let me know what you are looking for and I'll make it happen.


Private Group Functions.

Group functions have been a big hit with my participants. Sometimes people are just more comfortable being with the people they know and love. 


These ladies have a yearly get together and decided to have a private session with me. They were so much fun and they loved the days session. 


Maybe there is someone who is having a birthday, but you don't know what to get them? This would make a great gift for them knowing they will be with family or friends creating something special together. Gift certificates are available.


Let me know what you are planning and we'll make that work for you!

Wood Flowers.JPG

New 1/2 Day workshops.  You can either create the MASKS or WALL hangings in this 1/2 session using Paverpol.  More themed workshops will be added in the near future. If you have anything that you would like to create, let me know and I'll make it happen.,

                 The MASKS

Paverpol Flower Wall Hangings.

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