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See what others had to say about their workshop experience.

Just finished the beginner workshop and it was amazing! Liz, the instructor was helpful and informative - kept it fun and brought out the artist in all of us. Great location; great lunch! Would definitely do it again. Looking forward to attending more workshops.  Leslie

Thanks for a great day.  Renee

I am someone with a long history of interest and practice in fine arts,

primarily in stained glass. I had a vision of combining my stained glass with sculpturing, and

developed a curiosity into Paverpol. New to the area, I started conducting research into

workshops, and was delighted to discover there was an artist in Sharbot Lake, Liz.

I was even more delighted that Liz shared my desire to learn about Paverpol and she offered a

one-on-one session so that I could start learning without delay. I spent two days working with

Liz at her well-stocked and comfortable workshop in Sharbot Lake. While I brought a large

spark of curiosity with me, she brought encouragement, experience, and support. She gently

provided guidance, coaching, and helpful suggestions as I learned and crafted my piece. She

generously shared her experience and wisdom, while allowing my own creativity to make

choices and problem solve all the elements in my piece. Her workshop space is conducive for

learning and full of her own beautiful art that provided me with inspiration and as well as

exemplars of the Paverpol medium. Since then, she has graciously provided support and

guidance to me, demonstrating her dedication to supporting others in the development of the

local arts community. Not only is her art skillful, creative, and beautiful, so is her personality. In addition to her creation of stunning, unique Paverpol sculptures, she has demonstrated skills in teaching and coaching so others can learn this medium.  MO.

Liz Bonser is an accomplished sculptor. Her unique sculptures evoke passages in life. They bring out emotion through the spontaneity of her work. Her creations are sometimes happy and colorful and sometimes zen and more subtle. They all have a meaning and it is in the eye of the viewer that it becomes. Her art is timeless. Lise



Linda Duffy -I absolutely loved the workshop and my Gypsy Lady.  See you in the spring Liz round 2.  

Janice Loshaw - We had so much fun at our beginner class and our sculptures were beautiful! We look forward to coming again in 2024.

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