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The Artist Liz Bonser

It's actually weird for me to say I'm an  ARTIST. But that's what I am as of December 2018.  How did I get here?  Here's how.

In 2015 I retired (for a second time I might add), after a sales career in various markets which included National Sales Manager positions in manufacturing, training and development and God forbid Banking.  I moved to Sharbot lake in 2011 from the GTA when I retired. The first time.  My husband still travelled to Markham for the next 7 years which enabled us to own a beautiful home on Sharbot lake.  After 2 years I was bored and then worked in Kingston for the Canadian Cancer Society as their Volunteer Coordinator having responsibility for various fund raising activities.  In 2015 I retired...again. 


In 2016 I met some amazing women which finally made my transition from city girl to rural woman so much more fun. One lady asked if we would be interested in going to a PAVERPOL workshop near Ottawa. Yes, Yes and Yes. Anything to get out and be creative. Well the rest is literally history.

I took the Paverpol beginner workshop and loved it.  I had no idea that I was artsy.  I then took the more advanced HERON workshop and I was hooked.  I spoke with the CPI, (Certified Paverpol Instructor) how I could become an Instructor.  I then took the CPI training program and within 3 months became certified to teach.  The training covered all the amazing Paverpol products and their uses.

So then I thought...why not go all the way. I converted my home garage into my current art studio where I can deliver these amazing courses. I hold various workshops from beginner to advanced utilizing various products.

That's how I became an Artist.  What a great journey I've been on. Now 70, mother of 2 and grandmother of 4 I've found my passion in life.  If I can do this so can you!  Call me or email, love to hear from you.  Liz


About Our CPI's (Certified Paverpol Instructors)

Paverpol Canada was established in 2007 when it was first imported into Canada from the Netherlands. Today, the brand "Paverpol" is the leading fabric hardener in Canada and worldwide. When you hear people saying "we are paverpoling," you'll know they are re-sculpting with fabric or designing with a multi-media forum with the worlds leading non-toxic water soluble and ACMI approved textile hardener.


Today, we have over 150 Certified Paverpol Instructors (CPIs) in Canada alone who have gone through intensive training. We continue to educate and train our CPI's with regional CPI's Upgrading workshops, Master Classes and accessibility to on-line workshops via Curios mondo in Utah.

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